List Attributes


In addition to the attributes listed here, there're also General attributes, that apply to all elements

There're two possible attributes for lists, although only one applies to numbered and non-numbered lists whereas the other only applies to non-numbered lists.

Bullet (only for non-numbered lists)

The Bullet property allows you to change the bullet in your list with any kind of string, even emoji. Here's how you use it:

:: bullet: "🐢"
- First
- Second

This is what that looks like:

List Animation

The other list property allows you to define how the separate list entries are animating in - if they should even animate in, or if the whole list should appear at once.

This is split up into two different properties:

All appear at once

The type property tells Hypderdeck what kind of list type you have. This means, is it a list where all elements appear at once, or is it a list where one element appears after the other.

:: type: all

If the type is set to all then all the lines in your list appear at once

Animation Duration

If the type is not set to all, then you can set the duration for a line to appear. For example here:

:: type: all, duration: 1.5

Each line would take 1.5 seconds to appear (so it would appear very slowly)