Slide Sizes

Hyperdeck supports slides in different sizes. This lets you optimize your slides for the presentation device you're presenting on.

Right now, the following slide sizes are supported:

  • 16:10
  • 16:9
  • 4:3
  • 3:4
  • Square

During a presentation, Hyperdeck will always optimize for the display resolution of the presentation device. So if your presentation is set to a 4:3 size and the beamer is 16:10, Hyperdeck will display your presentation in 16:10 and adapt the margins and paddings accordingly.

Setting the Slide Size

When you create a new document, Hyperdeck automatically asks you which slide size to use.

Changing the Slide Size

The slide size can be changed in the Themes:

Scaling Content

Hyperdeck doesn't automatically scale down the size of your content if you write more text or code. The reasoning is that:

  • This sways you into placing too much code on your slides, which makes presentations hard to follow
  • You end up with different font sizes on every slide, which is confusing

Instead, doing this requires you to set the proper font sizes yourself using the font size or size modifiers on elements and slides

Out of Bounds

Hyperdeck helps you along by notifying you when the content on your slide goes out of bounds 1. It will display a small error message on top of the slide where content goes out of bounds. This message does not appear during presentations, of course.


This does not work reliably when your slide contains tables