Headers and Footers

You can customize the headers and footers for the slide master.

  • The top left, bottom left, and bottom right can be filled with any content
  • The top right can be any image that you import into Hyperdeck

You can modify this in the document settings, overrides and then Headers and Footers:


Hyperdeck allows setting placeholders in the text fields which are then evaluated to an actual value at presentation time.


This will print the current slide number. Enter {position} to display it.


This will print the total number of slides in the current presentation. Enter {total} to display it.


This will print the current date. Enter {date:...} followed by a format string to display it. Format strings allow you to define how the date should be printed. Here're some examples to get you started:

  • {date:H:m:s}: Prints 24h hour, minute, and second, like 21:30:15
  • {date:d.M.Y}: Prints day, month, and year without zeroes like 3.5.2021
  • {date:mm/dd/Y}: Prints day, month, and year with zeroes, like 03.05.2021

More examples can be found here