Slide Layout

Alignment is a powerful option which tells Hyperdeck how to align the elements on the slide. By default, elements are aligned vertically, that means one element below the other. Here's an example of this behaviour:

This might not always be what you want though. Sometimes, you'd like one element to fill up the right or the left side. That's what the Slide Alignment option is for.

This setting has three different options:


This is the default. One item is below the other.

First Item on Right

With this option, the first element in your slide will move to the right part of the slide:

First Item on Left

What this does is place the first element on the left side of the slide. You can see the code and result here:


Quickly cycle through the different alignments on the current slide with the ⇧ + ⌘ + l shortcut

You can also define these settings in Markdown.