A presentation wouldn't be of much use if you couldn't play it back. Here's a helpful guide of how playback works in Hyperdeck.

The Playback Menu

When you tap the friendly ▶️ Play button in the bottom right, you are greeted with the playback menu.

The menu has several options, here's what they do:

Play from Beginning

This will start the slideshow at the first slide

Play from slide [slide-number]

This will play the presentation starting from the selected slide number. This is always the number of the currently selected slide, but you can edit it in this menu with the + / - buttons.


Animations: Element & Slide

If you disable this setting, the presentation will play back without animations.

Animations: Background

Some Hyperdeck themes have animated backgrounds. They can be disabled with this setting.

Playback: Play skipped slides

This includes all the slides that are set to skip in Slide Settings .

Playback: Responsive Slides

Responsive means the slides always fill out the screen, non-responsive means the slides adhere to the size set for the presentation (i.e. 16:10, 3:4, etc). This can also be toggled during the presentation with the r shortcut.

Moderator Monitor

If you have your device connected to an external screen, Hyperdeck starts in moderator monitor mode. In this mode, you can see the presenter nodes, next slide, and current slide on your main device, while the presentation is displayed on the external screen.

On iPadOS, you can't disable the moderator monitor. As soon as an external screen is connected, the moderator monitor is enabled. This is a iPadOS limitation.

Stopping Playback

When you're in playback, you can always exit the current presentation via:

  • The ESC Escape key
  • (on iOS) Swiping with one finger from top to bottom

Playback Shortcuts

The following shortcuts allow you to start a presentation.

Entering Playback

  • ⌘ + p: Play presentation from the beginning
  • ⌘ + ⇧ + p: Play presentation from the current slide
  • ⌘ + ⇧ + g: Jump to the given slide number (1 based) in the preview area

The following shortcuts are enabled during a presentation.

In Presentation

  • Left Arrow: Previous Slide
  • Right Arrow: Next Slide
  • Space: Next Slide
  • Down Arrow: Highlight the next Source Code line or Table Row
  • Up Arrow: Highlight the previous Source Code line or Table Row
  • q: Stop Presentation
  • Escape: Stop Presentation
  • ⌘ + g: Jump to slide
  • ⌘ + ⇧ + =: Increase the Font Size
  • ⌘ + ⇧ + -: Decrease the Font Size

Custom Hyperdeck Interactions

If you add buttons to your slides, you can tap them during the presentations. Either on your device, or on the moderator monitor. This allows you to create interactive slides. It is explained in more detail here