Buttons are interactive touch elements. They show up as buttons on your slides and you can tap them to activate them:

  • When using an external screen, you can tap buttons in the Moderator Monitor Preview
  • When using the current device, you can just tap them on your screen


The syntax for buttons is very close to images:

![button::Hyperdeck Help](https://docs.hyperdeck.io)

As you can see, the syntax consists ouf of a label (Open Wikipedia) and an action (https://wikipedia.org)

The label always comes after a button:: prefix that tells hyperdeck that this is a button, and not an image. The action can be any URL, including shortcuts and Hyperdeck's custom actions.

Here is a example of running a shortcut named Take Picture which will open the Camera

![button::Take Picture](shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=Take%20Picture)

Hyperdeck does not yet support x-fallback, so you can't automatically jump back to Hyperdeck at the end of a shortcut. You'd have to switch manually.

Custom Hyperdeck Interactions

Hyperdeck also supports interactions. You can tell it what to do when the user taps a button. This is useful to create simple interactive presentations. For example, you could ask the audience if they already used technology X and have two buttons yes / no which jump to different parts of your presentation.

This is explained in more detail here