This section lists a couple of advanced Hyperdeck features.

Interactive Presentations

Hyperdeck has support for custom URLs which allow you to create buttons on slides that drive Hyperdeck. These are the currently supported actions:

  • hyper://action/next: Jump to the next slide
  • hyper://action/previous: Jump to the previous slide
  • hyper://action/jump/X: Jump to slide number X (i.e. action/jump/12 to jump to slide 12)
  • hyper://action/first: Jump to the first slide
  • hyper://action/last: Jump to the last slide

One example where this can be used is interactive storytelling. You can ask the audience what they want to see next, and jump to the correct slide.

You can also combine this with the Website feature to host interactive polls on your presentation and then jump to the correct slide.